The real estate market is constantly evolving as result of an increasingly dynamic environment in need of new updates and new services.

Clients who want to buy and / or sell a house need simple answers in all sectors: administration, legal, taxation as well as the possibility to intuitively have access to clear and complete real estate data as well as marketing support material.

Property Tales

Property Tales was set up in order to make easier and more enjoyable life's most important choices while delivering  customer satisfaction. Its members are professionals with advanced know-how in the field of Real Estate, interior design, communication and marketing. Property Tales’ main goal is to innovate and provide new solutions for the enhancement of the real estate market: farmhouses and prestigious properties.

Solutions and innovation

Our integrated skills fulfill dreams and projects through the search for  investment beyond time and quality.

Each real estate advert intuitively tells a true story thanks to a professional photo shoot,  clear and legible floor plans, a complete digital brochure, together with proper communication, shared on our site, in web portals and social media.

Upon request we develop advanced video marketing services, property styling and home staging services.